Your residence is getting a makeover !

  • 12 avril 2022
Résidence de tourisme à Foix

Hello everyone,

A few owners and members of their families were present during weeks 12 and 13 to carry out various works and purchases, always in the right atmosphere :

- Purchase of materials and supplies (cement, sand, waste pan, trowel, chisel, boards for renewing balustrade shelves, hammer, brushes, brushes, etc.)

- Removal and installation of chalet panels (with names, numbers, regulations), exterior lighting and preparation of the 8 chalets before sobering, karcher cleaning and lasciving.

- Cleaning roofs, gutters, all aisles, from storage to garbage cans, parking and lawn mowing

- Changing a water heater and changing the cupboard

- Door height adjustment for chalets 5 and 9 and key reproduction

- Change of grids for shower bungs in chalets 3, 4, 6 and 8

- At the level of the terraces, reattachment of the barriers, sanding and changing of a few balustrade shelves, lasurage

- Installation of flower bins

- External lighting control and light bulb change

- Inspection of lift pumps and manholes ( sewage)

- Reattachment of the straps of the 2 barrels

- Travel to Waste Disposal

- Rehabilitation, cementing of certain aisles

A big thank you to all the volunteer owners and their family members who made themselves available to rehabilitate and beautify our residence.