Unmissable walks around Foix in Ariège

  • 12 juin 2024
Résidence de tourisme à Foix

Foix, located in the heart of the Ariège in the Occitanie region, is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts. Nestling in the Pyrenees, the town offers easy access to numerous hiking trails that reveal the region's natural beauty and rich history. Here is a selection of the must-do walks to be discovered within a 30-kilometre radius of Foix.

1. The Cathar Trail to Montségur Castle

The Château de Montségur, perched on its pog at an altitude of 1,207 metres, is an emblematic destination. This historic site, the last bastion of the Cathars, is accessible via a well-marked path from the village of Montségur. The hike offers a demanding but rewarding climb with spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The round trip is around 4 kilometres long and takes around 2 hours.

2. The Three Castles Trail

This trail links three medieval castles : Château de Foix, Château de Roquefixade and Château de Montségur. Although the entire route is fairly long, it can be divided into shorter sections. The trail offers an immersion in medieval history as it passes through a variety of landscapes ranging from dense forests to mountain ridges. Each castle offers a unique view of the surrounding valleys and Pyrenean peaks.

3. The Roquefort-les-Cascades Waterfalls Trail

This family hike takes you to discover the magnificent waterfalls of Roquefort-les-Cascades. The 6-kilometre round trip trail is relatively easy and well-suited to children. The waterfalls offer an impressive natural spectacle, especially after a period of rain. The freshness and beauty of the site make it a perfect day out.

4. The Labouiche Underground River Trail

The Rivière Souterraine de Labouiche is the longest navigable underground river in Europe. Part of this natural wonder can be explored via a hike that leads to the cave entrance. The route is easy and well signposted, with informative panels on the cave's geology and history. A guided tour of the underground river itself is a must.

5. The Pic de Saint-Barthélemy

For more experienced hikers, climbing the Pic de Saint-Barthélemy is a rewarding challenge. Rising to 2,348 metres, this summit offers breathtaking views of the Pyrenees and the plains of the Ariège. You can start from the village of Montferrier. The round-trip hike is around 12 kilometres long and has a steep gradient, so it's advisable to be well prepared.

6. The Corniche de l'Ariège footpath

This panoramic trail follows an ancient Roman road over the Ariège valley. The walk offers spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Along the way, you'll pass picturesque villages and historic sites. The trail is moderate in difficulty and well signposted, perfect for a leisurely day's hiking.

The region around Foix in Ariège is full of hiking trails that will delight all nature and history lovers. Whether you're a novice or an experienced hiker, there are routes to suit all abilities and tastes. Put on your hiking boots and set off to discover the natural and historical wonders of this magnificent region of the Pyrenees.